5-star.jpg5.0 out of 5 starsgoodbye tennis elbow

February 14, 2019

What a great, simple invention. As a competitive tennis player, using the finger exercise bands relieved my annoying, debilitating tennis elbow in short order and has kept it away for a long time. Also works for golfers who like to hold the club too tightly and therefore suffer the same pain. Strongly recommend.


5-star.jpg5 of 5 stars Strength builder

 September 21, 2018

 These are great for building up finger and forearm strength. I don't know why we waited so long to buy them.


5-star.jpg  awesome
on February 15, 2014

Best hand exerciser. Its a great price and works great. Other similar products are bulky, don't work well or hurt my fingers. I work with my hands all day and keep one of these in my pocket to stretch and work my hand into extension. This is a must have for anyone who plans on maintaining their hands for their work.

5-star.jpg  Fun!
 February 10, 2014

I like these little things. Can throw them in the drawer at work to use when hands get out of whack and I also have a set for home use for regular exercising the hands, and a spare set just in case. So I got the triple pack to be prepared. So easy to use. My cuticles are sensitive and was worried about that, but if you pay attention to how you put them on, you should have no probs. This pertains to small hands with long fingers. This is the most economical 'reverse exerciser' I have seen for the hand. I have typed all my life and doing this particular stretch-like movement is the one I usually use to get my hand out of the 'repetitive slump' they can get into when doing a lot of typing. I can type over a 100, so exercising my hands are important in keeping carpal tunnel at bay. As always, remember that ergonomics is king when you have hand probs typing...always keep your wrists as level as possible across the length of the arm. Keeping that keyboard flat helps lots in this effort.

on July 26, 2016
These flexex hand exercisers are really great to improve your extensor muscle groups which can be neglected in daily life. After using these for 15 minutes a day for 2-3 weeks, I can confidently say that my extensors are much stronger and I don't feel that intermittent elbow pain anymore. I haven't even improved to blue and red rubbers which are harder than yellow one. Hopefully overtime I'll improve my muscles enough to handle them with ease.
So if you experience elbow pain on lateral side of your elbow or just want to strengthen your extensors, this tool is a great way to do it. Give it a try, you'll see!
on July 26, 2015
I absolutely love this product. I don't have one negative thing to say about this product. The product even looks cool when it is not in use. It is the best product for its purpose. It has the best design when comparing it to similar products. You will find most others have a wrist strap or glove. It is small, light weight, durable, and most importantly works. You can virtually use and take them anywhere. You might even forget they are in your pocket. There are three difficulties. Yellow being the easiest, which would be for severely weak muscle cases. Red is the intermediate difficulty. This one is likely to be a good workout for most people. The blue one is the most difficult. This one will be hard for most people. I have a difficulty getting my fingers fully extended after awhile. I reccommend this product to anyone. It is for more than people with tennis elbow, golf elbow, carpel tunnel, or many other painful conditions. It will correlate to getting stronger in other exercises. If you play guitar or use a keyboard all day buy this. I have used rubber bands in the past and there is just no comparsion. These don't lose there shape and keep there resistance even with vigorous usage. I recommend the three pack. Don't pay 10 for 1 when you could pay 15 for 3. You will want to share them after you try anyways. You will want people to experience it. This also allows you to keep increasing the difficulty because you can use 2 blues instead of one. That would be extremely difficult. Overall this product is incredible and you will have excellent customer service.
on February 24, 2017
Great for stroke recovery and hand strength training. The stroke recovery aspect is related to strength. But just as important as this is the fact that using this tires out your hand. This is instrumental in reducing spasticity. Before using this in the morning, my hand and fingers are stiff and difficult to straighten. After a 20 minute routine, I get about a 60-70% improvement. Not perfect, but anyone who has to deal with this knows that any reduction can make a huge difference in daily living and state of mind.
on August 12, 2013
I am a musician and a recording artist so I work at the computer all day long in addition to practicing piano, guitar, ukulele, and accordion. These things are a life saver for me. I was having all sort of tendon issues, and now whenever they seem to be flaring up, I just use these for a little while and it goes away. I am seriously considering getting a whole box of these to pass on to my adult piano students! I also highly suggest these to build strength in your forearms and hands.
on March 22, 2015
best and most cost efficient method to strengthen those overused and under attended little muscles... being on the computer, tablet, smartphone etc driving or clutching anything so often, i (as a massage therapist) see clients regularly who complain of hand, wrist, forearm sore/stiffness. I bought these for myself to test out. (my hands hurts sometimes too!)
I love the relief it gives me... i don't know any other way to engage the antagonist muscles to help relieve the tension caused by all the gripping/flexing we all do daily.
after testing them, i've made it a part of my routine to maintain by "tool" (hands for work) as well as offering/suggesting them to my clients... every client has given great feedback!
on March 19, 2015
This product works great to train the opposing muscles in the fingers, hands, and forearms. I bought a three pack just in case they break, or in the event I might want to share them. They are simple, yet very effective. And if you do these as directed you'll definitely feel it as intended.
While I'm not a fitness expert, nor am I a doctor of any sort, I do consider it beneficial to train opposing muscle groups and not just one side. For example, would you just go in and do a bunch of bicep curls while neglecting the triceps? I don't think so. Basically, I think it's good to have balance when building muscles and these, along with some good hand grips, can help develop both.

5-star.jpg5.0 out of 5 stars Was recommended for stroke rehab

 August 22, 2018

Easy to use


on June 19, 2017
way better than rubber bands. try this product if you want to work your hands.