FlexEx® Original Triple Pack

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FlexEx® - Original Hand Exerciser Triple Pack

This FlexEx Pack contains 3 different resistances.
3 Yellow (soft), 3 Red (medium) & 3 Blue (hard) = 9 FlexEx Total


This patented device effectively exercises and strengthens the fingers, hands and forearms.
Exercises all fingers at one time, or individual fingers. Ergonomic, sleek, innovative, lightweight.


Our Original FlexEx pack is perfect for most anyone looking to strengthen their hands or help prevent/heal injury from repetitive usage. Includes 3 resistances to gradually improve strength.


The Yellow FlexEx offers light resistance and is used for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and by those with weakened hands possibly due to carpal tunnel syndrome or post-surgery, etc.

The Red FlexEx offers medium resistance and is suited for most individuals wishing to strengthen their hands, forearms and fingers e.g. computer users, and those who play a musical instrument.

The Blue FlexEx offers heavy resistance and is suited for advanced users who wish to further strengthen their hands, forearms and fingers - for even more resistance, double them up!


Strengthen your hands and improve your sport the simple, easy way with FlexEx, for Strong, Healthy, Pain-Free Living!


Proudly Manufactured and Packaged in the USA!